Give access

to your beaches

in total safety.

This summer, beaches can only open at the cost of “regulated” visits.

There will be boundaries, and they will only be accessible in time slots, for a few hours.

The challenge is to provide a safe beach without queues where you can sit,se swim and relax, without risk of overcrowding and frustration.

Controlled on-site access

Instant online booking

Smart features

For a summer 2020

that (almost) looks

like any other.

It’s hard to imagine that, this summer, beaches will be 100% shut or 100% open...

By offering people a chance to book “time slots”, coastal resorts can offer their regulars a “100% safe” enclosure that is visited by a limited number of people over a given time slot, where each person’s safety and peace of mind is guaranteed by strictly controlled social density.

elloha is a French start-up, specialising in the booking of leisure and tourist accommodation. In just a few weeks, our teams have developed a special beach app to help tourist destinations relaunch.

The challenges of beaches in 2020


The solution for avoiding "all or nothing"

A free reservation in just 3 clicks, up to the last minute.

Several time slots per day and per beach and access reserved exclusively for certain people.

Immediate confirmation by email and text. The option of printing your ticket on site.

Controlled access via mobile so that those who have booked can access the beach.

A text alert 15 mins before the end of your time slot to warn you and to enable the next groups to arrive.

And to provide safe access to very wide time slots for all your regulars (residents, tourists, etc.).

The challenges

of beaches in 2020

The solution we would have preferred not to come up with, because we love the beach too, when it’s free.

But in the current circumstances, we prefer for our families, children and parents to all stay safe above all ;-)


#1  How to create smooth access to beaches without queues

To prevent massive traffic jams on beaches or approaches to them (queues on promenades, etc.), it is vital to offer people a “Direct-2-Beach” type of access. This means your regulars and families can bring their mobile or a paper print-out as proof of booking and can turn up at any time they want during the time slot they have reserved. The access check takes just a few seconds and then they can enjoy the beach in perfect safety!

Manage flows

and regulate

“peak” times

#2 How do you provide a genuine beach “experience” ?

Thanks to the traffic flow regulation on your beach (with listed capacities and time slots), you can enjoy your normal beach experience such as lounging on the sand, swimming, etc.

Unlike the “active beach”* concept, by regulating access, you can enable your beach’s users to enjoy it the way they like so they can get maximum enjoyment.

Don’t limit yourself to just the “active beach” concept

* An “active beach” means you only authorise sports and swimming but not remaining stationary on a towel, chair or sun lounger; which considerably restricts the on-site experience for your regulars..

#3 How do you achieve optimal density?

Knowing how many people have entered your beaches and for how long enables you to achieve optimal social density. There’s no pressure, the place doesn’t get overcrowded and beach lovers can enjoy the beach with perfect peace of mind thanks to access control on a simple smartphone.

Control and check access and social density in real time.

The elloha access app is compatible with all mobiles.

#4 How do you keep your regulars happy?

Old or vulnerable people (with reserved early morning access), differently abled people, large families, sporty people in the morning who want to go swimming or surfing, etc. You can manage your time slots and access to different types of people based on the identity and history of your beaches.

Reserve time slots for specific types of people

Online reservation gives you total flexibility.

You can change the settings at any time as well as the capacity of your time slots, like letting in more older people for example, or creating time slots for families, etc. Your beaches can change settings throughout the season and the day.

#5 How do you reassure people who are worried?

Too complicated to apply these measures across all of your beaches? How about setting this up on just a section of your beaches? By guaranteeing that one or more beaches are “100% safe”, you will be giving some major safety guarantees to your most worried or vulnerable regulars.

Too complicated

for your coastline?

Do you need a demo ?

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